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Marketing On Demand

 Marketing as a Service and on Demand

 Elevate your business with an unparalleled Marketing Services provider committed to empowering organizations with strategic positioning for sustained growth in existing and new markets. Boasting a core competency and extensive experience in product marketing, we pledge more than just services; we offer invaluable guidance and execute tactical precision in your current and future product marketing initiatives. Our expertise extends beyond marketing to encompass effective sales and operational modelling, ensuring a seamless and successful go-to-market strategy. Partner with us to not just navigate but dominate the ever-evolving market landscape, propelling your brand toward unparalleled success.

Strategic and Pragmatic Marketing Services

     Market Strategy is only a thought or good idea without experienced tactical execution.

Enabling organizations who:
  • Struggle with ineffective marketing due to a lack of direction or poor execution.

  • Are facing limited resources and have marketing efforts overseen by the C-Suite or Sales department.

  • Need experienced support to coordinate and drive marketing initiatives and budgets.

  • Are facing stagnate sales or go to market challenges.

  • Want to expand their market but don't know how to go about it.

  • Are frustrated with managing their agency relationship, not able to effectively and efficiently work with them for effective results in rebranding, positioning and ongoing social media management.

  • Seek the best go to market strategy/model with effective product marketing that best suits operations.

  • Need clarification on the difference between Marketing Communications and Product Marketing.



Effectively positioning your company to target and onboard the right customer segment dictates your relevance within your market. A proper positioning & execution strategy enables management choice.

  • Enabling companies to effectively target and service new revenue streams within existing and prospective markets.

  • Redefining the Sales & Marketing function within cost-conscious organizations.

  • Strategic and tactical development and execution, marrying product/service with operational and sales implementation.

  • Providing direction on all facets of marketing communication, community involvement, strategic alliances/partnerships and service development/execution.

  • Emphasis on the rate of return and enabling and augmenting sales/revenue generation.

  • Enabling, coordinating and facilitating market expansion and reach initiatives.

We take pride in executing with a disarming approach combined with a sense of urgency to our objectives. Our methodology upon engagement is pragmatic, not theoretical; we develop a strategy and implementation plan with defined results.

areas of focus

Successfully working with organizations of all sizes, complexities and technology-based offering industries.

Our pragmatic phased approach ensures that you the client have full control of assessing and determining value in our engagement.  Product marketing is a specialized branch of marketing focused on positioning, promoting and selling specific offerings.  Core objective,  connecting the offering with the target audience and ensure its success in the  market.

Your Marketing Department on Demand

Strategy & Implementation

Product and Communications


  • Define or refine Product/Service definition and strategies

  • Develop and refine market positioning for greater revenue and market penetration

  • Provide input and guidance on current (and future) marketing initiatives

  • Identify, negotiate and coordinate site/media and design execution

  • Collateral development or refinement

  • Product catalogue/pricing strategy development and implementation

Go To Market

Business and Market Development


  • Develop or provide input and guidance on current (and future) tactical sales strategies and execution plans

  • Channel/Partner program development and execution

  • Identify growth through acquisition and integration planning

  • Develop and prepare for possible exit strategy

Operational Integration

Cross-Functional and Vendor Management


  • Working with Advertising companies for targeted executions

  • Working with cross function team within your organization as marketing lead for product/Service impact assessments

  • Project and Program management

  • Cross-functional process and integration

  • New product/service process and workflow development



Experience that matters

A sample of some kind words.

A disarming results oriented approach.
Innovative marketing professionals who formed an integral part in developing and executing product and marketing strategies within our organization. The principle has a strong business acumen and the personality and skills sought in a business leader. Combining this along with a solid track record of executing successful marketing strategies, I would highly recommend TDG as a catalyst to drive creativity and business transformation.
Exceptionally talented individuals who understand customers and their expectations. Positive communication styles and the ability to consolidate expectations and match them to the solutions was uncanny. Lead the biggest marketing launch in the history of our organization by launching one of the largest municipal WiFi networks of its kind within North America
Outsourcing our Marketing to TDG was instrumental in positioning our company for the next stage of revenue growth. Practical, resourceful and very effective in their approach, TDG helped navigate for costs and operational efficiencies.
Experience that matters

The Dreyas Group has been built by an experienced, strategic and tactical marketing professional with over  25 years of success in developing, executing and redefining the competitive landscape within the data services and technology market.

Dino Farinaccia


A seasoned professional in the fields of marketing, business developement, leadership, and strategy, boasting over 25 years of remarkable success and expertise. With a focus on the managed services and technology market, Dino has consistently demonstrated his strategic and tactical prowess in developing, executing, and redefining competitive landscapes. His extensive knowledge spans technical marketing, product/service development, strategic market awareness, positioning, and penetration. Throughout his illustrious career, Dino has held several senior-level positions in both public and private sector organizations. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit and intuitive acumen, he thrives in a consultative capacity, providing invaluable guidance to numerous start-up and growth-oriented organizations, assisting them in building market share, revenue, and brand awareness.

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